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Hatha Yoga, Grown Up & Baby Yoga & Moksha Cardio. These classes have many benefits & background to how they have evolved, but in a nutshell...

Yoga nourishes the mind, body, and soul - helping to still & calm the mind, improving muscular strength & tone, bone density, core balance, muscular flexibility & joint mobility; as well as helping us to tune into our spiritual selves, our true 


Grown Up & Baby Yoga is still Hatha Yoga based, but for babies too! I created this class whilst trying to do my own practise with my babies present. It aims to achieve equal benefit for you & your baby (or somebody else’s), both physically & mentally/spiritually.  We involve the babas in postures (asanas) wherever possible, ie: holding/balancing them, if not then we do the posture & afterwards do movements with them that have similar physical benefit. We have flows of asana just for the grown ups where babies can watch & explore the mats. Breath awareness is encouraged throughout for the grown ups & we hope the babies will soak up all this calmness & mindfulness of movement. It is also an opportunity for you to tune into yourself & to your baby in the midst of what could be a busy day. Sing song & bubble fun is incorporated to ensure ample stimulation for the little yogis. Breast or bottle feeding feeding is totally permitted throughout if needed to for calming or hunger! 

Moksha Cardio provides a cardio workout to burn calories & improve cardiovascular fitness; this could be anything from a jog, a dance aerobics session choreographed to an eclectic mix of musical genres, a rollerblade in the park to a multi-terrained walk. 

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Private Sessions


...available in the comfort of your own home. Handy if you can’t make a class or would prefer/need a session with a focus specific to you. These can one be one to one or for a small group of you (living room space permitting). Cost depends on length of session & location. 


So it might not be an office where you work, & if you do the class might not take place in the office...but yoga in the workplace is something I offer, usually people organise it in their dinner hour. It‘s a great way to get some exercise & mindfulness in during the working day, & people report increased productivity levels at work post session! Sometimes the boss foots the cost for staff moral etc etc & sometimes the cost is divided up amongst the participants, or a mix of the two.  


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All of our classes are mornings, Monday to Friday; however, feel free to contact at any time of day or night for class info or any other Moksha Fitness related questions, & I‘ll get back to you as soon as I can!